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At Bridge House Care Home, we are committed to providing high-quality care that is effective and responsive, delivered by an expert team that is well-led and supported in an environment that is safe and secure enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

We are proud to be in the 3.5% of care homes in England, rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

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Here is what the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said about our home:

  • The management and staff team understood what was important to people living at the home and acted upon this to improve people’s quality of life.
  • There was excellent leadership in place and a structure that supported staff at each level. The registered manager and all staff showed enthusiasm and passion to continually improve people’s outcomes.
  • People using this service and their relatives spoke very positively about staff and the care received. One person told us, “I like the people (staff) looking after me. They are nice people, kind people. More than kind”.
  • The service demonstrated that they were offering an exceptional level of providing responsive and personalised support and had gone the ‘extra mile’ organising meaningful activities and events for people.
  • One person’s relative told us, “There are constantly things to do, (person) particularly likes the exercise class. (Person) is not forced into anything she doesn’t want to take part in”. Another person’s relative said, “I have been up to events. Dad has been on trips with Mum (resident)”.
  • We noted high levels of satisfaction across all staff and morale was extremely high with staff saying they felt very well supported in their roles. Residents and their relatives felt the culture of the home was open and transparent. One person told us, “There is a good atmosphere here, with friendly staff who get on”.
  • Residents and their relatives told us they felt safe. One person said “I know the people around and about (carers). It is a lovely place”. Another person told us, “There is a nice feel to the home. There are good staff to talk to and it is nice to see the same faces”.
  • People received effective care and support from staff who had skills and knowledge to meet people’s needs. One person told us, “Staff know what they are doing, they all are very good at what they do”. One person’s relative said, “They are very well trained to cope with (person’s) behaviour. (The person) can get very agitated and physical if (person) doesn’t want to do something. They are definitely on the ball”.

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