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New carer Beverly shares what inspired her to start a career in care and her experience of joining the Bridge House team.

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“Growing up I always wanted to be a nurse after caring for my grandad who had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I qualified back home in Norway and then later moved to the UK to get married. I decided that while I work towards my Nursing and Midwifery Council PIN (which all registered nurses need) it would be great to get some experience in a British care home. I’m so lucky that Bridge House is just down the road from me because it is one of the best care homes in Oxfordshire.

The care home environment appealed more than a hospital as I like talking to the residents and building relationships; you can learn so much from them just by hearing their life experiences! It’s not just a job, the residents become like family. It’s my favourite thing about working at Bridge House!

I always make time to be with the residents, whether that’s during their group activities or sharing one-on-one time. It makes a big difference to them, even if it’s just ten minutes.

I always feel valued and appreciated when the residents say they have missed me after I’ve had a few days off, or worked night shifts on another floor. And my proudest moment has to be within my first few weeks when the manager told me a few of the residents had advised that they need to get more carers like me! I had been nervous about starting a new job and meeting new people and didn’t know what to expect, so this was lovely!

Those first few weeks were very busy, getting to know all the different routines for each floor, and each resident, but the team were so supportive. I had five days of induction where I shadowed other carers and they kept saying if I had any questions or needed help to just come to them. It made me feel supported, which is one of the most important things; that you know someone will be there for you.

My advice for anyone thinking about a career in care is to just go for it; it won’t cost you anything as the training is funded. It’s not something you can make a decision on based on anyone else’s experience so you won’t know if it’s for you unless you try it yourself. Personally, I find it so fulfilling!”

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