Day School

Carebase Day School – Inspiring Teams. Sharing Ideas. Empowering Best Practice.

Carebase, the company that owns Bridge House Care Home runs an induction event four times a year for teams from all its homes to come together for a day’s workshop aimed at sharing the Carebase culture and approach to providing quality care and compassion. The day also provides an opportunity for colleagues to share ideas and inspire each other.

The day is led by all of Carebase Director’s and its senior management team with an introduction to the company, its vision and values. Group-work exercises enable teams to understand how their contribution can really make a difference to their residents, their families and the teams they work in. Carebase place great importance on ensuring all teams feel valued, supported and appreciated in whatever role they have in a home – so everyone attends a Day School when they start working at our home, no matter what they do. It is also about having a lot fun, getting to know each other and inspiring teams to come up with new ideas and improve further the wonderful things they already do.

We love the incredible and heart-warming stories and experiences that are shared by the teams on the day. The feedback we receive from those who attend is always so positive and the day is clearly valuable to all.

“The day really made a huge difference in my life, caring is all about putting yourself in the position that a resident is in, and you will realise that life is about caring, loving, appreciating and enjoying life to the fullest. My personal responsibility is respecting my residents and understanding that at all times by putting a huge smile on their faces.” – Gloria

“I am always proud to tell people who I work for and why this company is special. The residents get 100% the best service and care as we consider them our family.” – Sybill

“I attended the day school yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everybody was so welcoming and the stories they told were just amazing.” – Ayisha

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