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Local area around Bridge House Care Home

There are many reasons why you may consider making Bridge House your new home, and the local area surrounding your chosen care home is sure to play a key part in this important decision. Here we have included helpful information about Abingdon, the local area, and the towns and villages that surround Bridge House to showcase the accessible transport links, the wealth of local attractions and things to do in this area.

Bridge House Care Home is located in Abingdon, and welcomes residents from many other surrounding areas including:


Bridge House Care home is based in Abingdon, sometimes known as Abingdon-on-Thames, in rural Oxfordshire.

Bridge House Abingdon is situated just outside the centre of Abingdon along the aptly named Thames View, at the edge of the beautiful Abbey Gardens. Abbey gardens have been designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument as the Abingdon Abbey once stood on the site and dates back to the 7th Century. These beautiful gardens offer visitors a peaceful and quiet retreat and make for a wonderful day out when visiting loved ones and family residing at Bridge House Care Home.

Abingdon’s history and heritage stems from its past as a market town, a charming custom that highlights this town’s rich heritage is the 400-year-old tradition of ‘Bun Throwing’. These ceremonies only take place at certain times, to mark special occasions such as a Royal Jubilee or wedding. Abingdon residents congregate outside the County Hall and Town Councillors throw around 4,000 specially baked currant buns down to the townspeople.

There is a local cafe named after the tradition that is a lovely place to visit for a day out in Abingdon. Other delightful traditions of Abingdon include the Michaelmas Fair, and Swan Upping – a practice whereby the local swans of the Upper Thames are counted and health checked.


Following the A34, and the River Thames, north from Abingdon, you will find the town of Bicester. The Thames diverts to the east through Oxford, but the A34 makes travelling between Bicester and Abingdon an easy commute; Bicester also has good transport links to the M40 motorway.

Bicester most well-known attraction is the designer outlet shopping village of the same name. A day out to Bicester Village is a lovely activity to do with a loved one residing at Bridge House, a care home near Bicester. The shopping Village has plenty of places for food and drink, as does the town itself.

Bridge House is very accessible from Bicester. To get the Bridge House from Bicester: take the A41 Bicester Ring Road to join the A34. Follow the A34 to Abingdon and take the A4183 exit. Follow the A4183 onto Thames View to arrive at Bridge House.


Burford is located just over 20 miles North West of Abingdon. Burford is on the edge of the area of Oxfordshire that makes up the Cotswolds and is considered the southern gateway to this beautiful part of England. Thanks to the efficient transport links, Bridge House Abingdon is an ideal choice for those looking for a care home near Burford.

Burford is a charming picturesque town made up of thatched cottages and Tudor houses. A popular activity for visitors to this town is to take the Burford Tour, a 45 minute tour which takes you through the historic and iconic parts of the town.

Bridge House is very easily accessed from Burford. To get to Bridge House from Burford: take the A40 and then the A415 to turn right on to Abingdon Road, turn right on to the A338 and continue on Faringdon Road until you get to Abingdon. Continue on the B4017 and take the A4183 on to Thames View where you will find bridge House Care Home


Charlbury is an Oxfordshire town that is situated in the Cotswolds and is just over 22 miles from Abingdon, making it within easy reach and an easy choice for those looking for a care home close to Charlbury.

Due to its scenic and rural location, walking and cycling are very popular here, but if you aren’t up to such physical pastimes, there are plenty of places to eat and drink and interesting shops to browse in.

To get to Bridge House from Charlbury: take A44 and then the A34 coming off on the Oxford Road A4183 exit onto Thames View.

Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is around 27 miles from Bridge House Abingdon and thanks to the A44 has excellent transport links. Chipping Norton is the highest town in Oxfordshire as it is situated on the western slopes of a site that was once a Norman Castle in the Cotswold Hills. The term ‘Chipping’ can be found as a prefix to other towns locally and derives from a medieval work meaning market.

The shops and buildings of Chipping Norton are typified by their creamy coloured Cotswold stone. There are many independent shops and cafes here including several antique shops. The beautiful St Mary’s church is also worth a visit, as it is said to have one of the finest interiors of all the Cotswold churches.

Bridge House Abingdon is an ideal choice for those looking for a luxury care home near Chipping Norton. To get to Bridge House from Chipping Norton: take Rock Hill to London Road and the A44 and follow the A44 and then the A34 for 24.1 miles and take the A4183 exit. Follow the A4183 until you drive onto Thames View and arrive at Bridge House Abingdon.

Cumnor Hill

Cumnor Hill is part of the small parish of Cumnor just west of Oxford. Bridge House care home is very close to Cumnor Hill and is easily accessible by road along the B4017.


Henley-on-Thames is a pretty riverside town around 30 miles from Bridge House Abingdon. Due to easy transport links, Bridge House Care home welcomes residents from Henley-on-Thames. With some lovely walks and access on to the Chiltern Hills, Henley-on-Thames is a lovely location for a day out for residents of Bridge House.

To get to Bridge House from Henley-on-Thames: take the A415 Abingdon Road right on to Thames View, the journey takes around 40 minutes.


Bridge House Abingdon is just 6 miles from Oxford and has excellent transport links by road and by public transport. To get to Bridge House Care Home from Oxford, simply follow the Abingdon Road and the A34 onto Thames View.

Those looking for a care home in Oxford are sure to find Bridge House to be one of the best residential homes available. Expert teams are on hand for nursing and dementia care, as well as outstanding social are and interaction. The local area around Oxford is full of attractions and things to do while visiting. There are plenty of museums and gardens to visit as well as shops and tea rooms for a little retail therapy and a well-earned rest after a busy day out.

There are trains to Abingdon from Oxford that depart every 8 minutes, the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Other routes via road are available, but the quickest route is to tale the A34 from Oxford.

Royal Wootton Bassett

Wootton Bassett is located to the East of Bridge House Abingdon in Swindon. While being a further distance from Abingdon than other nearby locations, thanks to the M4 and A34, the journey between the two locations is easy and accessible, making Bridge House a useful option if you are looking for a Care home around Wootton Bassett.

Like many other historic towns in this area, Wotton Basset has a weekly market on a Wednesday, which takes place under the iconic town hall and along the high street. Built in the 17th Century, the unique town hall is a single upper floor sitting on 15 stone pillars; it now holds a museum which is open on Saturdays.

To get to Abingdon from Wootton Bassett: take the M4 until it becomes the A34, then follow on to Thames View where you will find Bridge House Care Home.


Wallingford is a historic town to the South East of Abingdon in Oxfordshire. South Oxfordshire is easily accessible by road and Bridge House care home is a great choice for those looking for residential care homes near Wallingford.

It’s easy to spend a day in Wallingford. There are plenty of antique shops to browse through, full of treasures, and a walk around the Castle Gardens is a lovely way to while away an afternoon. Wallingford also has strong ties with author Agatha Christie, who lived and worked in this town, and subsequently was the setting for the TV series Midsomer Murders.

Wallingford is just under 12 miles from Bridge House Abingdon. To get here from Wallingford: take Hithercroft Road to Calvin Thomas Way/A4130; then follow the A4130 on to Abingdon Road, which will turn into the A415, then turn onto Thames view to arrive at Bridge House.


Wantage in is the area of Oxfordshire known as the Vale of the White Horse. Reportedly the birthplace of King Alfred, Wantage has deep links to the past and Medieval England, making it a great day out for any history lovers residing at Bridge House Care Home. Wantage also has an excellent array of shops, with some high street names and many independent shops and services.

Wantage has excellent transport links to Abingdon and Bridge House luxury Care Home. To get to Abingdon from Wantage: take the Reading Road/ A417 and follow signs to the A34, once on the A34, it’s very easy to get to Abingdon. Bridge House is on Thames View.


Watlington is a small town in the Chilterns area of Oxfordshire. Watlington has many charming independent shops and little delis, and it’s a great place to spend a day browsing. There are also a handful of country pubs and little tea rooms where you can pop in for some well-deserved refreshment.

To get from Watlington to Bridge House Care Home: take the B4009, A4074 and A415 on to Thames View.


Weston on the Green is a small village slightly south west of Bicester. The village is just 20 minutes’ drive away from Abingdon, making Bridge House Care home close to Weston on the Green. To get to Abingdon from here, follow the B430 until you get on to the A43, then onto the Oxfod Road/ A4183 and you will arrive on Thames View.


Wheatley is a village just east of the city of Oxford. Though small, the village has excellent transport links to Oxford and Abingdon and Bridge House Care home is an ideal choice for those looking for residential care near Wheatley. To get to Abingdon from Wheatley, simply take the A40, then the A34 following until you arrive on Thames View.