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Letters of Thanks

Steph & all the Debere Family, August 31, 2016

A small token of our warmest and most sincere thanks for the consistently kind, patient, thoughtful and loving care you gave Mum. It will never, ever be forgotten. Knowing you were overseeing Mum’s care brought us much peace of mind as possible in such circumstances to our family.

With love and thanks from
Steph & all the Debere Family

Dorothy, June 14, 2016

Dear June,

A heartfelt thank you to you and all the staff at Bridge House for the care of Mum. All members of your team have contributed to making Mum happy and enjoying life in Bridge House; from front desk, bistro, exercises and entertainment, cleaning and catering, gardening, and of course the care team itself. Everyone plays such an important role in making the whole operation work.

Thank you,

With love and best wishes to all,

Dorothy x

Ruth, April 29, 2016

To everyone,

Thank you for looking after Mum for the last year, you made her very happy. You treated her with love, dignity, and respect. Also for being such great friends to me and making me feel at ease, welcome and comfortable when visiting Mum.

I admire you all so much for the work that you do as at times it is not easy. The care, love, and support you gave to Mum and myself was outstanding. Mum was not a resident and we were not visitors. We were part of a family.

Take care everyone.

All my love,

Ruth xx

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