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Letters of Thanks

Rhona and James, April 10, 2017

To all the team at Bridge House

I wanted very much to write to thank everyone at Bridge House for giving my beloved father such a happy three years living as part of the Bridge House ‘family’.

From the moment Jim decided that he wanted to move to Bridge House, his life was enhanced by his key decision. The loneliness he had sometimes felt living independently was replaced by a sense of belonging, the superb residential and nursing support he benefitted from, and the wonderful range of activities on offer to residents.

It is apparent to anyone walking into Bridge House that it is maintained beautifully and provides an extremely comfortable environment for all the residents. What is less obvious is the exceptional caring nature of the team, which my father emphasised to me so often.

My brother and I have reflected on many aspects of our father’s life – and we certainly feel that his time at Bridge House represented an extremely happy period for him. We cannot thank you all enough for your contribution to Jim’s ‘life story’ and hope that many other residents will benefit from your kindness and high standards for many years to come.

With our very best wishes

Rhona and James

Nancy McLellon, March 28, 2017

Dear June

When Marjorie came to Bridge House, she was in a very bad place, both physically and mentally. However, during her time with you she miraculously came back to life again. I know she still had many health problems, but she was cared for and happy and got back some of her incredible joy for life and I felt so relieved to know that she was safe and someone was looking after her. Lots of the old Marjorie came back. I enjoyed many visits and telephone chats with her.

As soon as I entered her room at Bridge House, I knew that all was well – her birthday cards were all around her room, her old teddy was in her arms and she was peaceful. I don’t know who put her lipstick and nail varnish on, but it was inspirational. Instead of an old sick lady, there was the beautiful Marjorie we all knew and loved.

Thank you all so much for making her time with you so happy. I expect you will say you were only doing your job; I can only say what you are doing is an extraordinary excellent job.

Again, my grateful thanks to all of you who cared for Marjorie so kindly and gave her the quality of life she deserved.

Yours sincerely

The Buckle Family, January 27, 2017

Dear June

The family would like to thank you and all the Bridge House team for helping to make David’s time with you as happy, peaceful and content as possible. He was happy at Bridge house and felt loved and cared for.

We were so happy he was in the right place.

With love and thanks

The Buckle Family

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